Set in a future Scotland when Europe is at war with America, Ronan O’Donnell’s play sees events through the eyes of the youthfully disaffected Doddy. Initially picked up in a megastore for shoplifting Marmite for his mum, Doddy careers around in his war torn city, from council estate to rubbish dump to garishly themed pub. What emerges is a picture of angst-ridden adolescent solitude against a background of military conflict in which black-cat heli-ships hover in the sky and Scotland suffers collateral damage in the clash of civilisations.

Capall Dorcha’s production of O’Donnell’s fascinating and exciting play is currently in development with several innovative and unique ideas being worked on. The production will be a multi-media experience and more news on this will be available soon.

So far we have produced rehearsed readings of the play in Ardrossan, Aberdeen, Prestwick, Ayr and Glasgow. Audience feedback has been insightful and exciting, and we’re looking forward to bringing you more news on this project soon.