In “Nebular Tuesday” a remote Scottish island’s peace is punctured by the sudden arrival of a mysterious far flung traveler.

The injured and destitute traveler is taken in, through pity, by the idealistic girlfriend of the ineffective and abusive local police sergeant.

From the outset of the story, the traveler struggles to adapt to the islands ways and its wary locals. Prejudiced, hatred and threats of violence reign.

Nebular Tuesday follows a turbulent 24 hours in the lives of the distant traveler, the girl,  her irresolute and corrupt boyfriend and some truculent townsfolk.

The travelers clumsy yet earnest attempts to integrate lead to a dangerous altercation. Then incarceration by the police sergeant.

He is saved by the girl, who falls for this stranger. She is captivated by his outlook and vision and he carries an object which shows her the content of her soul. It also shows her his. They fall for each other.

She then risks her all in order to free him; and a perilous attempt to return home ensues. She also dreams of running from her heinous boyfriend, as they both plan their escape.

Tragedy strikes at the conclusion of the story as the descent into paranoia of the police sergeant leads to a miscued rendezvous and utimately, death.

The traveler is redeemed when it is revealed that he is not what he originally appeared to be and is from further away than was originally thought.


About the Team

Composer and producer Stephen Bull, is from North Ayrshire, who has been in the industry for more than 20 years. involved in playing, recording and performing music for twenty years and has attracted label interest and involvement, both major and indie. (Mercury/Animal Farm).  Stephen has three independently produced albums called ‘This time’, ‘Window on the world’ and ‘Nebular Tuesday’ which was commissioned by Creative Scotland.

Stephen is a member of the PRS and a full member of the PPL.

Playwright Marie is a resident of Ardrossan but has reached back to her birth place for the characters and storyline of this, the second play she has written.  She feels certain that those who are able to be part of the theatre event at the Harbour Arts Centre, will be able to identify with her characters and recognise many of their qualities and failings in people they have known: from the firm but loving old grandmother, Nellie, to the narrow-minded and prejudiced husband and brother in law, Hugh.  The purpose of the rehearsed reading  is to welcome feedback on the play as an indicator for the company, Capall Dorcha, to take the project to the next step, a full stage performance.

Nebular Tuesday Tickets £3 Habrour Arts Centre, Irvine. Telephone 01294 274059