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Today is a historic day for our organisation based here in Ardrossan. We hope you will join us in this next step of our journey and help us become an integral part of our community.

In 2015 Capall Dorcha Theatre Company was founded in Ardrossan, in its short time the organisation has produced small stage productions that have gone on to tour the West of Scotland as far as Edinburgh to Stranraer.  At the same time, the Educational Outreach Arm called ‘Ensemble’ has provided young people throughout North Ayrshire and Arran, a free Theatre Arts opportunity, to learn new drama skills with the majority of them based in Ardrossan. Since starting young people have taken part in ‘Acting through song and on film’.  ‘Introduction to Shakespeare’, ‘Devising for theatre and film’ and this year ‘Introducing Physical Theatre’.

Since then, Capall Dorcha has had over 1000 audience members attend one of their theatre productions, 83% of which were 1st-time visitors to North Ayrshire’s Harbour Arts Centre in Irvine.  Moreover, Capall Dorcha Ensemble has delivered theatre workshops to a total of 1100 young people in North Ayrshire with the overwhelming majority saying that this was their first time taking part in the creative arts outside of school.

This year thanks to the support of the Big Lottery Fund the organisation was awarded a total of £149,387 over a three-year period to develop ‘Capall Dorcha Ensemble’.  Allowing the social enterprise for the first time to hire staff and have an office in Ardrossan to develop adult classes, weekly youth classes and spring and summer workshops.  Throughout all of this young people will be able to take part in ARTS AWARDS supporting them to deepen their engagement with the arts, gain creative and leadership skills and to achieve a national qualification for their participation.

Barry Robertson, Founder and Executive Creative Producer said:

“As a small cultural organisation, we are proud of the opportunities that we have provided since 2015 in Ardrossan and the wider North Ayrshire and Arran region.  We are overwhelmed by the backing of the Big Lottery in supporting our community programmes through ‘Capall Dorcha Ensemble’.  Many residents throughout North Ayrshire will remember the great work that Borderline Theatre provided when they were based in North Ayrshire, and since then the area has been left without any theatre arts and has the lowest youth and cultural attendance rates in the whole of Scotland. With our organisation and activities based here in Ardrossan, we aim to change this by increasing the opportunities to participate in theatre within Ardrossan and become a cultural hub for the town.”
Maureen McGinn, Big Lottery Fund Scotland Chair said:

“I am delighted that families and individuals living in Ardrossan will benefit from Our Place funding. The Our Place initiative gives local people a say on how National Lottery money is spent in their area and empowers them to bring about a positive lasting difference to their neighbourhood. I would like to congratulate Capall Dorcha Theatre Company on their successful funding award and wish them the very best with this project which will help local people realise their vision for their community.”

What is Ensemble?
The word ‘Ensemble’ means a group of complementary parts that contribute to a single effect.

This is the perfect name for an educational and outreach programme that encourages the participation of drama throughout Ayrshire.  Supporting the development of all through our training programmes and support the development of the creative talents of both individuals and artists regardless of age, ability or background. With our aim to provide the community with the opportunity to reach their creative potential through a theatre arts experience.

What opportunities will you provide in Ardrossan?

In the next three years in our hometown of Ardrossan we aim to establish and grow:

  • Youth Theatre.
  • Spring and Summer Youth Workshops.
  • Arts Awards for taking part in our Youth Theatre.
  • Adult play reading classes.
  • Create two new jobs within the organisation.
  • Provide volunteer opportunities through our classes.
  • Provide work experience placements.
  • Provide the organisation with charitable status.
  • Create a membership so that members can have their say on how and in what way the organisation runs.

When will it commence and how do I take part?
As you can imagine this is a mammoth task to undertake for a micro organisation, though we are aiming to get started with our youth theatre before the end of the year and commence the adult classes early next year.  After we have successfully recruited our new staff members.

To take part stay tuned to our Facebook pages and we will update you as normal via email.

How can I volunteer or support you further?
Thanks for the offer!  Please send us an email ensemble@capalldorcha.com, and we will email you.

Thank you for all your help and support, we hope you take part and come with us in this exciting new stage through Ensemble.