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Individual Membership £12.50 per year. Family x 2 Membership £20 per year, Family x 3 Membership £30 per year.
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Capall Dorcha Theatre Company is proud to support the North Ayrshire Carers Appreciation Card.

In North Ayrshire and Arran, there are approximatly1400 young carers aged between 8-18 who care for a family member at home.  Capall Dorcha Theatre Company is part of a growing number of local businesses who support carers in the region by providing a discount on services.

Anyone who has a carers card can now sign up to our Ensemble Membership with 10% off the yearly membership fee.  And enjoy 33% off all classes that we provide in our organisation.

Barry Robertson, CEO said “Joining the Appreciation Card scheme in partnership with North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership we are supporting young carers by providing a reduced cost membership to all carers living in Ayrshire.  We hope that this allows more young people to access the services that we offer here in Ardrossan, widening the access to the arts to young people living in North Ayrshire and Arran”.

Click here to learn more about the North Ayrshire Carers Appreciation Card

Terms and Conditions:

All members signing up to the Carers Membership will be held pending until their ID number can be confirmed.  For those living in Ardrossan Central and North East you are entitled to join this membership that provides a free membership with 50% OFF all events provided that you live in this area of Ardrossan.