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Recruitment to the Board of Trustees – Capall Dorcha Theatre Company (SCIO) 

What we are looking for

This is an interesting, exciting and challenging time for Capall Dorcha Theatre company.

To take Capall Dorcha to its next stage of development, we are looking for new Trustees to help navigate the future direction of the organisation, individuals who are passionate about the power of the arts to have a transformational impact on people’s lives, across all ages.

As a relatively new and small organisation, with a newly appointed Director, we want to strengthen and complement the existing Board with additional skills, experience and ideas to sustain and grow the organisation.

We are interested in hearing from people who have varied business backgrounds as well as individuals with creative experience and strong networks in the Scottish Arts landscape, creating and growing capabilities across different art forms such as theatre performance, music, visual arts, dance, creative learning and digital approaches, as well individuals with experience in local community development initiatives and fundraising.

Capall Dorcha has recently undertaken an exercise in refreshing its vision, mission and strategy, and is now in the process of implementing a rebranding exercise, developing a new artistic programme and future fundraising plan, under the leadership of new Director Mary Cahill.

We are looking for individuals who want to be part of our journey and actively contribute to creating a highly effective and successful organisation within the Ayrshire Creative scene.

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