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Hi I’m Jordan

I wanted to work with Capall Dorcha because I go to their Youth Theatre class, so when I saw their name on the job list, I went for it. I want to be an actor when I’m older, and I think working with a theatre company can help me get to where I want to be.

I found out about Capall Dorcha through my school because the CEO, Barry provided a workshop with us. He left some leaflets behind and since then I have been going to many events  with Capall Dorcha. In summer I took part in an Arts Awards workshop, and through that I got a Bronze award. I learned how to edit film properly, and my favourite bit of the week was making new friends. I have just finished another workshop with Capall Dorcha that was on during the October Holidays and took part in a theatre production at the harbour arts centre. I enjoyed it because it was my first performance in a play!

So far as part of my work experience, I have been helping Betty the creative learning officer to create a prop list for their Christmas Show. I have enjoyed working in the office because I got my own desk to work on and we have put on Christmas songs, and I got a hot chocolate!  At the same time, I took part in the youth classes delivering drama exercises with each of the classes whilst it helped be by learning more about preparations before the class took part.

The Finance Officer David helped me to understand marketing, creating leaflets and promote Ardrossan’s Christmas carol, a play we are doing soon.  Whilst working with Barry the CEO, I learned how to film and edit social media clips that supported the productions and whilst letting new customers know about the organisations memberships that allow people to take part in the company at a cheaper cost but also have a say in how the organisation is run, through the youth boards and volunteer boards.

At first when I started at the organisation, I wasn’t sure on what to expect.  There was so much that goes on in the office that I had never experienced before, such as; organising a theatre production, marketing support, liaising with local schools, and then the paper work that is required to make the work that Capall Dorcha does in local the community.

My working week was good.  I mainly worked from 10am – 5pm with one day working later as I was involved with the youth classes.

If I was asked by my friends about a career in theatre, I would tell them; That it is fun, but there are certain skills that you require in order to support your future career such as; confidence, community building, working together, respect, good time keeping and good scheduling and meeting targets.

Whilst at school I can support my career in theatre by concentrating on the following subjects; English, Drama, computing science, business and admin, mathematics and lastly music.

To really put my skills into practise I would need to learn what it is like to put on events and learn the industry better.  It isn’t just actors, but theatre producers, administration support, finance, community learning facilitators are all skills that theatre require to support a wider cultural sector to which I can potentially find future employment in.

Thanks for the amazing week!



P.s Check out my videos here and here!