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Hi! My name is Betty and I work with Capall Dorcha Theatre Company as the Creative Learning Officer.

Written by -Betty Valencia, Youth Theatre Assistant

I graduated with a Degree in Musical Theatre and have been working in professional productions since. Now that I’ve moved back to my hometown of Saltcoats, I’ve been eager to find ways to contribute to Performing Arts close to home. That’s what drew me to Capall Dorcha.

I think projects like this one are so important as they allow people to participate in the Arts, which may be a brand-new experience for them! Performing has always been my passion, but when I was younger I really struggled to gain access to theatre groups or organisations close to home. Which is why I was so keen to work with Capall Dorcha, as they are giving young people a chance to express themselves in a youth theatre setting- which I would have loved when growing up.

Performing Arts are incredibly beneficial for young people, it allows them to connect with their own creativity as well as providing them with life skills they can use when they are older. In a youth theatre they can socialise, make new friends, learn how to work as part of a team and alongside a director, how to overcome obstacles, and develop their communication skills. It also provides them with a space to discuss their creative ideas, share opinions and then work on how they can turn those thoughts into a piece of theatre.

I am so pleased with how our first Ensemble Youth Theatre sessions went, everyone was so engaged and enthusiastic about all the activities. The young people who attended have so many great ideas, and we’re working hard to incorporate these suggestions into what we do. Making sure that young people’s voices are heard is so important, as they are the ones who will be creating a new future not just within theatre, but for the community as well. The Ensemble Youth Theatre is a great opportunity for Primary and Secondary children to learn new skills through play, drama and games while making new friends.

Through participating in fictional worlds, exploring stories and solving problems and challenges, young people can take their first steps in theatre and performance. They don’t have to commute to Glasgow or outwith their local community, which can be a struggle both financially and for travelling.  There are so many benefits to making performing arts accessible to all, and for that reason the Ensemble Youth Theatre welcomes all young people!

Our classes are in Ardrossan Civic Centre: Thursdays 4.30-6.00 P4-7; 7.00 for S1+

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